A few words about us

Our state of the art equipment allows us to provide functional training that will improve your core strength, enhance your flexibility and relieve pain while providing a fun and challenging workout.

Let us help you move

Owner and Certified Pilates Instuctor

Vision Statement

To inspire clients to have healthy, balanced bodies and minds by understanding how heightened awareness of movement improves our bodies.

Mission Statement

At Movement Unlimited Inc, our mission is to provide the most up to date, highest quality, client centred training for the pursuit of achieving quality movement, body awareness, strength, flexibility, balance and function.

Our goal is to help you move to your highest potential.


Allison Kares, PMA®-CPT:

I opened Movement Unlimited Inc. in November 2012. After 23 years of working in the Health, Rehab and Fitness Industries, I created a facility with a team of instructors that will provide you a wellness experience that meets all your needs.
As a Certified Pilates Instructor and having worked as an exercise therapist in the rehab industry for 12 years, I have always been curious about efficient and effective movement. This passion has lead me to develop unique, comprehensive, evidence based program that will provide you with maximal results.
- In 2002, I completed my full certification through Stott Pilates and am proud to be one of only a few instructors in Niagara to hold this comprehesive training in all Pilates modalities. As well, I've taken many physiotherapy and therapeutic training programs to enhance your therapeutic and corrective exercise results.
- In 2012, I brought the PFilates, Pelvic Floor Pilates, method to Niagara. I continue to expand my knowledge of pelvic floor disorders and have created a program that is a rare combination of all the best approaches to urinary incontience and pelvic floor disorders.
- In 2016 I completed the Polestar Transition Program, and am a graduate of the Polestar Pilates Program.
- I am a Polestar Pilates Studio Practitioner and Polestar Pilates Mentor.
- In 2018, I became a PMA ® Certified Pilates Teacher.

I'm excited to meet with you and help you design a program that will work to help you achieve your ultimate movement potential. 

Young or mature, fit or injured, we have a program that will improve how you move!

Polestar Pilates Pilates Method Alliance

Meet Our Team

Sally McDonell

Teaching is my passion and my love of fitness transformed into the vehicle to help people improve their health and wellness. Having taught for over 20 years, I have become fascinated and truly inspired by the small increments in progress that I see clients making, one cell of their body at a time. Breaking down each movement to meet each client’s needs allows me to see the look of accomplishment in their eyes and the smiles on their faces as we progress to each new level. Fun and fitness go hand in hand. I strive to include activation of the laughing muscles as a key to success. Sally MacDonell…at your service!

Cheryl Kowalik

I found my way to Pilates over 10 years ago. Having a physical job as a full time Paramedic I have witnessed first hand the positive impact Pilates can have on ones everyday life. I am a Stott certified, TRX trainer and a Pelvic floor instructor for the past 8 years. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with those around me and continue to integrate my teaching and lifestyle for optimal functional health and movement. I enjoy working with her clients on strength, control, and conditioning. My optimism will aid you to take charge of your body and mind in the Pilates studio and beyond. I teaches both group and private sessions to a variety of clients looking to improve their physical and mental well being. I am dedicated to meeting your needs so I commit to attending workshops and conferences to make sure my knowledge is always up to date.

Anne Cooke

I am an older adult personal trainer and instructor and Senior Fitness Instructor Course(SFIC) Trainer for the Canadian Centre for Activity & Aging. I has worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years, and have recently relocated to Niagara from Toronto where I ran my own small fitness company for many years. I have extenstive training in the field of human movement including physiotherapy training and I hold many certifications as well as a BFA fromYork University. Join my Functional Flexibility class Tuesday mornings and I'll show you how to move with ease!

Karen Gemmel

I began practicing yoga in January of 1996. In the fall of 2003, I completed, with Honor of Distinction, an intensive 500-hour teacher training program at the Yoga Centre of Burlington, a recognized Yoga Alliance training facility. I continue to deepen my knowledge of the practice by attending workshops and classes led by senior teachers. I practice and teach Iyengar inspired yoga, a tradition which utilizes props for modification to make poses accessible to students of all ages and abilities. Yoga props are used to support the body in restorative poses, and assist you to move into a posture you may not yet be flexible enough to manage on your own. Props can also educate your body to create the alignment and action required for a pose. Classes focus on developing strength, stability, flexibility, postural awareness, as well as an awareness of your best alignment in any given pose. All classes include breathwork (pranayama), physical postures (asana), and a guided relaxation (savasana). Students of all levels, abilities and yoga experience are honored for their unique differences, limitations, and talents.


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