Young or old, fit or injured... we have a program that will suit your health and wellness needs.



Created in the early 1900s, the Pilates method is one of the most versatile methods of movement and conditioning and addresses core strength, flexibility & mobility, and endurance. This unique program incorporates both mat and Pilates specific equipment that helps you engage your muscles for maximum results. Training can be adapted to allow all ages and abilities to be challenged appropriately. Pilates is appropriate for injured and athletic populations as well as those who want to learn to move with more ease.


Therapeutic/Corrective Exercise

Our Therapeutic training sessions provide one-on-one, hands on methods that develop healthy movement foundations using a variety of research based techniques that incorporate core strength, neuro-muscular integration, postural awareness & control. Our collaboration with allied health professionals make this approach a perfect compliment to any rehab program or therapy.


Pelvic Floor Conditioning

Our pelvic floor reconditioning program will help you gain strength, endurance and co ordination of these important and often ignored muscles. More than just Kegels, these scientifically tested exercises are appropriate for men and women experiencing symptoms or for those who are working on prevention. This program addresses urinary incontinence, Pelvic organ prolapse and is beneficial for post-partum, pre&post surgery for incontinence, prolapse or prostatectomy. Our pelvic reconditioning is offered as a workshop or as private, one-on-one training.


Aging Actively

Movement is key to staying healthy as we age. Our Aging Actively programs are designed for those who want to continue to stay active. Each session is customized to your individual needs and takes into consideration any physical conditions that you may currently be dealing with. Our experts will create a program that focuses on your goals and will help you feel better and move with ease. Join a strengthening class, a specialized group reformer or try our Nordic Pole Walking program to improve your strengthen, balance co ordination and overall wellbeing.


Athletic Conditioning

No matter whether you're a weekend warrior, or you're working on perfecting your game, our programs can help you enhance your performance. Train one on one with our professional instructors to work on your individual needs or try one of our performance enhancing group classes to improve your mobility, strengthen your core and boost your overall condition.


Group Classes

Alignment and technique are an important part of a successful training program. Our group classes allow you to work in a setting where you will get the individual attention you need to achieve the results you are looking for. Our small class sizes provide an intimate setting that allows you to connect and interact with the instructor for maximal results. Our team of expert instructors provide hands on and verbal cues as well as demonstrations to help you learn successfully.


Private/Semi-Private Training

Looking for the personal touch? Private and semi-private training allows you to work on your specific needs with one of our professional instructors. Like working with a personal trainer, our instructors will create a program that is specific to your goals and particular needs. Whether you have physical injuries or you are working on mastering a sport, our trainers can provide you with a program that will challenge your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, balance and co ordination. Our enhanced training methods ensure you are working in optimal alignment to maximize muscle connection, decrease your risk of injury and improve your results. Book a session today and see how we can help your body to excel!


Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes are provided by Karen Gemmel, CYT. Karen offers Mixed Level, Gentle Level, and Chair Yoga classes. She also frequently offers Restorative Yoga Workshops to help you relax and restore your body and mind. For more information on yoga, contact Karen at 905 892 1260 or email her at